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Such Products creates functional, modern home accessories. Our products deliver creative, environmentally sustainable solutions that respond to 21st century realities.

All products designed around flat panels that lock together and are held in place by a rubber ring. We do not use any glues or adhesives and every product can be easily broken down into individual elements. Our materials are sourced only from quality suppliers who display a strong environmental focus. In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint to a minimum we choose materials that require little or no finishing after cutting. The only finishing processes we use are polishing or brushing, both of which done by hand and require no harmful chemicals.

We create products from distinct materials where the relationship is critical, divergent materials working together to create a harmonious whole. A primary focus of each product is the interaction between materials of different qualities, and the ways in which their unique properties are used, both aesthetically and structurally, to deliver an object greater than the sum of it’s parts.

The modernist concept of “truth to materials” is a core principle of Such Products. The concept revolves around the idea of honesty, that the material used is actually what it appears to be, not just a surface finish. This approach has two main advantages, firstly it means that as a products ages through use it will develop a patina, which celebrates use and reveals an inner integrity, rather than exposing an beautiful facade hiding a cheap core. The second advantage is environmental, reducing finishing processes reduces the environmental footprint of each product.

Our products are for life. This means that our products will be, regardless of use or mis-use, able to function as intend of the life of it’s owner. Our products are designed for disassembly, meaning that should a part be damaged the component can be easily replaced and the unit continue to function.

All our products are produced in and around Vienna, Austria. Where possible we use suppliers who also materials or components locally.